Take control of your
biggest expense

Pay rent on your schedule. Pay by credit card or e-Transfer - your choice. No change to how your landlord gets paid.

Your Rent,
Your Schedule

You’ve always had to pay rent on the 1st because that works best for your landlord. We figured there should be a way for you to pay how and when you want. So we built it.

No Need to Involve
Your Landlord

No change to how your landlord gets paid, so no need to have them sign up or agree to anything. You make payments when it works for you, and your landlord gets paid when rent is due.

Earn Points on Your Biggest Expense

Pay rent by credit card and collect more points, book more flights, or earn more cash back. Whatever your reward, get there a whole lot faster than one coffee at a time.

This is how it should have
worked all along

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About Chroma

At Chroma, we believe in building a future where renting your home is as valuable and rewarding as owning your home. Where renters aren't "just paying someone else's mortgage" and where the benefits, like flexibility and convenience, shine through.

Chroma is built for the millions of Canadians who rent their homes and want a more flexible and rewarding experience.

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